Resource Listing for information on Moravian Doctrine, practice and history prepared by Dr Craig Atwood in response to requests by many lay people who are asking for more and easier availability of both historical and contemporary theological works. Many of these resources are not yet available on line.

Thank you Dr. Atwood  for this compilation.

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Resources on the Moravian Church:
Its Doctrine, Practices, and History
Prepared by Craig D. Atwood, June 2004

Many lay persons have requested more information on the Moravian Church and its theology. I have prepared a bibliography of scholarly books on the Moravians, most of which are available in university libraries, but I thought it might be helpful to put together a listing of other, more accessible resources. This is not a complete list, but just things that have come to my mind.

The Moravian Church Interprovincial Board of Publications: ( ). This is the best single resource for materials on the modern Moravian Church. The “All About the Moravians Large Collection” includes short books on Moravian doctrine, history, and practices. There are also books on Zinzendorf’s theology, some of Zinzendorf’s sermons, and Zinzendorf biographies. The website itself has helpful information on the Moravian church in the U.S. and around the world as well as useful links. While you’re at it, you should look in at the British Province’s website ( ) which has some additional books on missions and the Moravians in England.

The Board of Christian Education, Southern Province does not have a website, but it does have a variety of resources written from a Moravian perspective. These include study guides on issues such as abortion as well as confirmation materials. It is worth making a visit to Salem and collect some of these under-utilized materials. The same holds true of the Northern Province. Several years ago the Faith and Order Commission prepared a series of brochures covering several areas of Moravian doctrine and practice, such as baptism, confirmation, and communion. They are very helpful and available through the PEC offices or the BCE.

The Moravian Book and Gift Shop, Winston-Salem ( ). This is the source in Winston-Salem for books in print about the Moravians! It’s more than stars – go upstairs and check out the great resources.

The Moravian Church, Northern Province website: ( ). Good current information on Moravian doctrine, current church life, and statements on social issues. Also has links to other agencies.

The Moravian Church, Southern Province website: ( ). Also has information on doctrine, synod resolutions, current ministries, and PEC statements.

The Center for Moravian Studies:
( The

Center’s website will keep you posted on events such as the Moses Lectures. You should also consult the bibliography prepared by Otto Dreydoppel, Jr.

The Moravian Studies Collection: Reeves Library, Moravian College and Theological Seminary ( ). This is an incredible collection and the on-line catalog is very helpful.

The Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem: (  Daniel Crews and Nola Reed Knouse have published several useful pieces available through the archives or the Moravian Book and Gift Shop.

The Moravian Archives, Bethlehem: ( ) Paul Peucker is getting the Bethlehem archives on-line. Both he and Vernon Nelson have several publications of interest on Moravian history.

The Hinge: A Journal of Christian Thought for the Moravian Church. This is an independent journal published in association with the Center for Moravian Studies. It was started in 1992 and has addressed many of the most controversial issues in American Christianity today. Since 2001, it has published the Moses Lectures in Moravian Theology. All pastors under call in the Northern and Southern Provinces receive the Hinge free of charge, thanks to a generous grant. Lay persons may subscribe for $30. Send subscription information to Craig Atwood, Drawer J, Winston-Salem, NC 27108. All material in The Hinge is copyrighted and may not be posted on websites, but articles may be duplicated for classroom discussion in congregations. Back issues may be purchased for $7.00 to cover copy costs and postage.

ITD: International Theological Dialog. This is an independent journal that seeks to generate theological discussion among Moravians internationally. Originally it was “transatlantic,” but now truly Unity-wide. It appears in German and English. To subscribe contact Arthur Freeman, 1753 North Blvd. Bethlehem, Pa. 18107.

The Moravian Historical Society, Nazareth, Pa. ( ). Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society is one of the most important journals for the study of Moravian history. The society also has a nice museum with several Valentine Haidt paintings.

The Wachovia Historical Society, Winston-Salem ( ). This society focuses on the history of Wachovia, which includes quite a bit of Moravian history.



Bibliography of Major Scholarship on
The Moravians and Pietism in English
Prepared by Craig Atwood, June 2004

(Additional titles may be found in the bibliography of Community of the Cross)
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