What's All The Fuss About Tolerance? Should we fear being labeled "Intolerant"?

Somewhere along the way, postmodern society decided that one opinion, religion or morality was just as good as any other. If the trend continues,  right and wrong could   become a  thing  of  the  past.  In  co operation  with  Focus on the Family Ministry we are pleased to offer this audio message from author and speaker Josh McDowell discussing the secular worldview many Americans ascribe to, and how Christians can live in the culture while remaining true to their faith.

For those who have been following recent issues in the Moravian Church you will feel that this message is speaking directly to us. Regardless of your views you will find  this  message informative as Josh reveals  the words and terms that are often used to encourage a more tolerant view of   "relative truth".

RealPlayerTolerating the Intolerable by Josh Mcdowell Part [1]

RealPlayerTolerating the Intolerable by Josh Mcdowell Part [2]


Josh McDowell, according to a recent survey, is one of the most popular speakers among university students today. He has spoken on more than 650 university and college campuses to more than seven million people in 74 countries during the last 21 years.

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