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Rio Terrace Community Moravian Church-Occult workshop Edmonton,   AB   T5R2Z9   Ph.  780 487-0211:
For years North Americans have been fascinated with the subject of angels.  We shall see it has also become a subject teeming with deception and one more way Satan uses to turn people's eyes away from Jesus Christ. (see article and news letter)

Rev. Dr. Douglass P. Norwood, Jr.
February 1, 2003:
I left the Northern Provincial synod in June 2002 feeling like my mother or some other close relative had just died. I couldn't hold back the tears. I could not participate in the synod communion, but stood outside with about 30 other people instead. My grief was not based solely on one issue, although one issue, of course, has attracted the most attention. (see article)

Olivet Moravian decision about the World Council of Churches
Feb 26, 2005

After much study, discussion and prayerful consideration over the past two years, our joint boards voted unanimously not to support the WCC (see letter sent to PEC)

Rev.Truman Dunn Moses Lecture review fall 2001:
Rev. Dunn writes of his personal belief, “I do not believe that Jesus is the only way to
find “salvation.”...Nor do I believe that Moravians or Christians have a lock on religious “truth”.
He wonders why we insist that  “Christianity” is somehow superior to all other pathways to
      Rev. Dunn calls for a reformation through death of the Moravian Church as we Know it,
allowing the “old ways”  of exclusive “truths” to die.   He says the first “truth” that must go is
“the narrow and arrogant claim that Jesus is the only way to salvation”. (see article)

Rev.Truman Dunn rejoins the fold  writing:
The Moses Lectures reflected a very personal perspective about my convictions and my hopes for the Moravian Church. However, my life and faith as a Christian is not lived in isolation. I am a part of a larger faith community, the Moravian Church. And, I seek to stand within that larger tradition of the Moravian Church while still maintaining the integrity of my own personal belief and experience of the presence of God.......I have found that I indeed affirm the Ground of the Unity as the belief of our church, even as I seek to be a part of our continual search for sound doctrine. (see letter)

Resolution 54 Southern Synod 2002:
Careful study of this account, along with the versions of the  resolution as it evolved, will reveal the transformation of a Document  intended to reaffirm the authority of Scripture and its message of Salvation through Christ alone. It is apparent that leaders of our denomination  were influential, to a large degree, in redirecting the Resolution. The final fatal blow came from an amendment on the floor by Bishop Graham Rights that removed  all remaining statements that called for reaffirmation of our doctrinal statements of belief. 
   Resolution 54 went from calling for affirming our faith to a call for preserving relationships.
    In light of the fact that a minister used his position to teach that Christ is not the only way to salvation, this effort by our leaders might be seen as  self serving,  keeping  leadership intact at the expense of our mission to witness the message of  Scripture (see article)

Oscar Tesh 
Walnut Cove, NC

What are we passing on to those who follow us: "The Faith of our Fathers" or a watered-down ineffective substitute? I am a 5th generation Moravian who wants a denomination that is unbending in the non-negotiable truths of the Bible. We must be true to GOD and that means making hard decisions. (see article)


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What does "Full Communion Mean"?

Joint Commissions
Additional agreements at all levels
Joint Planning
Consultation and joint decision making
Development of common worship materials
Shared Education of Church Professionals
Interchangeability of Clergy
Joint use of facilities
Shared Governance
Shared communal life of each others churches
A balanced TRUTH that is not now present


Moravian Synod Audio of floor debate on Full Communion of Moravian and Episcopal Church
Petition to allow the Lord to consumate full communion between true believers. Read and sign this petition
Petition to wait on the LORD
Lay Group Studying the
Full Communion Proposal with the Episcopal Church USA

3 month study of full communion agreement by lay study group

Moravians are studing the proposed full communion agreement and report findings on their website at



New Lesson Series
Kenneth Burge presents his Prophecy series at Olivet Moravian Church. Listen to his 13 lessons
by Kenneth Burge



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The Moravian Church supported National Council of Churches challenges the US Government when  the United States Air Force published a warning in the Air Force Training Manual regarding the NCC’s Communist Influence in its revision of the Holy Bible and its Communist infiltration into our churches and educational institutions
Congressional Record
Congressional Record -House
 March 3, 1960 (Pages 4393 - 4407)

The Moravian Church supported National Council of Churches challenges the US Government when  the United States Air Force published a warning in the Air Force Training Manual regarding the NCC’s Communist Influence in its revision of the Holy Bible and its Communist infiltration into our churches and educational institutions

See this transcript recently made available

Christmas Lovefeast and Candlelight Service at Olivet Moravian Church
Moravian Forum web site and collection of article and news of intrest to moravians

The Moravian Forum is not maintained or supported by the Moravian Church of North America.  This web site is maintained by members of the Moravian Church to document and discuss issues of Faith and Order in our Moravian denomination.  

We have preserved and made available newspaper articles in our Moravian's in the News section that demonstrates why evangelicals are taking issue with PEC President Bob Sawyer media statements and actions of church leaders. 

Northern Provincial Synod and Southern Provincial Synods actions related to homosexuality (Resolution 6) and Theology  and beliefs related to salvation (Resolution 54) are carefully reviewed in light of historical and biblical understanding. 

Letters from our leaders and laity letters are available that demonstrate and discuss the issues that concern Moravians.

The Moravian forum also provides a forum page that encourages visitors to ask questions and comment on issues and concerns in the Moravian Church.

The Moravian Library contains documents and statements that define our faith and beliefs. The Audio Library contains messages and sermons from Moravian Pastors and other teachers that emphasize our evangelical and historical roots.

Special stories of interest are included that relate to current issues in the Moravian Church.

……….Asked about my theology, I take the Bible and speak with all my soul. I believe everything written in this book. Asked to state my confession of faith. I refer them to the “Apostles Creed”. My model of prayer is the Lord’s Prayer, my rules of living the “Ten Commandments.” But what will the sophisticated people of the world say to that? Perhaps they smile at the childish old man. But I have found Christ and he is everything to me. My whole life has been a pilgrim journey. Nowhere have I found an abiding city. But now my heavenly fatherland, to whose threshold my leader., my light, my savior has lead me, looms up before me. For me the thing necessary is to forget what is behind and to hasten toward the prize of the heavenly call of God. ...If any of you preachers who have no congregations of your own to which to minister, are left, serve Christ wherever you are, in any evangelical church which may desire your services. Only walk in that simplicity in which I had borne and nurtured you. Walk In the straight and middle path, neither flattering one party to the disparagement of the other, nor allowing yourselves to be used as partisans In factional strife among parties. But rather make that your care that love and concord and all common good reign In the church. But Joining a communion In which ye find the truth of the gospel of Christ, pray for Its peace and seek Its upbuildlng In good." It was a hope and prayer that a seed would survive.
John Comenius

Message from John Comenius to the Brethren in his poignant treatise, The Bequest of the Dying Mother, the Unity of the Brethren. while serving as Bishop of the   Church   1650






 Rev. Aden Ward  
Madison, WI 53711:

How wonderful it would be if we could now step out in front of society and officially accept and preside over gay and lesbian unions and accept gay and lesbian clergy with their partners. (see article)

Rural Hall Moravian Church statement on Sexual Morality
Feb 8, 2004

Whether divorce, premarital sex among teens, gambling, abortion, or a host of other moral issues, the church is confused; and because of this confusion, is no longer the salt-and-light influence to the world that Jesus called for it to be. The ability of the Church to evangelize is being hampered because the lives, attitudes and beliefs of Christians who claim to follow the Bible are indistinguishable from those who don't believe.
(see article)

Posted on the Southern Provincial web site- Removed after protest:
  This statement, one of four, posted on the official web site of the Moravian Church Southern Province was removed as ministers and laymen protested in disbelief.  Its was posted in a section of the web site that was offered by the office of the PEC to explain the PEC decision to allow Truman Dunn to remain as pastor of Messiah Moravian Church after his teaching that Christ  was not  the only way to salvation.  Its message that we don’t know whether strict “belief in Christ” (understood as intellectual assent to faith) is in fact the ONLY way to God appears to mirror and support the statement that had lead to such division one year ago. Suggesting that Rev Dunn's position is now accepted as official church position.
(see statement)

Moravian Minister and writer:
  "Exactly. In all the talk about the Holy Spirit bringing "new revelation" to the mainline churches, "revelation" that contradicts Scripture, we have echoes of ancient Montanism (see here), as well as some of the bizarre elements of modern Pentecostalism (think of Benny Hinn telling television audiences that the Spirit had informed him there are nine Persons in the Trinity). When the so-called "voice of the Spirit" is detached from the authority of Scripture, the result is the enthronement of the desires of the individual.

Or the crowd. A modern, Western twist on this old heresy is the wedding of it to democracy. Votes taken at denominational assemblies are equated with the "voice of the Spirit," at least when they provide the desired result. And of course when the desired result is not forthcoming (say at the 2000 General Conference of the United Methodist Church, which refused to allow same-sex blessings or the ordination of sexually active gays), then the majority is "refusing to listen to the voice of the Spirit."

The willingness to pit the Spirit against the Scripture in the interest of ever-elusive cultural relevance is a recipe for anarchy."(see article)

Believers at Mizpah
By signing this resolution ( which never came up at our recent Synod) we affirm and support the veracity of the Holy Scripture, The Ground of the Unity, the Church Order of the Unitas Fratrum, and the historic faith and practice of the Christian Church for 2,000 years, the Ancient Unity ( since March 1, 1457 ) and the Renewed Moravian Church ( since August 13, 1727) to the present, that Jesus Christ is, in fact "the way, the truth and the life and that no one comes to the father except through Me". ( John 14:6). To say or think anything otherwise, ie , that Christ is just one way among many, would be a rejection of the Holy Scripture, and in effect, calling Christ a liar.  We are not prepared under any circumstances to do this as this issue strikes at the very heart of the Christian Faith. (see letter)

“Make Jesus Christ your Lord and Master, seek the guidance of the Word and His Spirit, and we shall have no differences with you. We offer you in all sincerity our Christian fellowship. We call you ‘Brother.’”
Message from Bishop Kenneth Pfohl while serving as minister at Home Moravian Church  August 12, 1917
(see entire message)

My concern and that of  others with whom we have spoken is that the Moravian Church remain faithful to the Biblical basis of our faith  and the commitment  to our Savior, Jesus Christ.  To that end  we are anxious to  give our support to  the group  that is  making  that stand  known. 
(Dr.) Samuel B. Marx.  1/12/03


Rev Bill Campbell
Moravian minister serving as Chaplin for the Fire and Rescue  department Rev Bill Campbell at 911 Ground Zero listen to his account.
Talks about his
experience at Ground Zero

Confessing our
Unity in Christ

Confessing Our Unity in Christ by Moravian Archivist Daniel Crews
by Daniel Crews
Synod addresses challenges to Scriptural Gounding

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Report on the

Moravian  Synod 2006
Southern Province including reports resolutions and audio clips

Moravians sponcer John Killinger to speak at Home Moravian Church
Home Moravian Clark Thompson Lecture series begins with Controversy


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Moravian Resolution 54 redirected by Leaders
Why Leaders Tansformed


Christmas Cantata performed at Olivet Moravian Church
Christmas Cantata
2007 Olivet Moravian Church


A look at
 The World Council of Churches

Moravians look at the World Council of Churches


Rev Bob Sawyer
The following transcript was produced from a portion of the 3 hour taped meeting at Olivet Moravian Church where PEC, Bishops and other Church leaders meet with the Olivet boards, the Provincial affairs committee and a number of other interested members of Olivet. Questions were submitted to the Province weeks in advance for the Aug 8, meeting.
our need to be involved with the


News from 


Links and articles about meeting central committee of the World Council of Churches in Geneva Switzerland held on February 15 - 22  2005
 Bob Sawyer
meets with WCC
Central Committee


Community Outreach for Christ
By Request

Moravian Minister Rev Truman Dunn at odds with the Cross of Christ
Minister at Odds
 Tolerating the Intolerable by Josh Mcdowell
Josh McDowell
On Tolerance

Story of the Bell
A Prophetic Warning

Not for ourselves, but for Christ” has been our watchword, the theological underpinning of what our Province has always been about.
Br Daniel Crews 
Moravian archivist Southern Province 11/16/03

(Click to Hear and Read His entire Message)



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