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Church leaders stopped it from going to the
floor of synod for vote!

Church Leaders transform resolution affirming salvation to a resolution calling for change of attitudes and actions that have lead to brokenness.

Rev. Tim Byerly questions account of R-54 on this site
your report that this "sent church leaders scurrying to prevent it from being presented as it might offend those who believe differently" is simply untrue. 

Why R-54 was so troubling
In light of the fact that some church leaders  used their position to teach that Christ is not the only way to salvation, this effort by our leaders might be seen as  self serving,  keeping  leadership intact at the expense of our mission to witness the message of  Scripture.


Northern Synod Actions

Resolution Common Ground
This resolution acknowledged that after 4 years of study and prayer the Inter Provincial Faith and Order Commission was unable to arrive at any consensus, authority or guidance on the acceptability of ordaining homosexual individuals.

Resolution Committee on Church and Society
This resolution invites Homosexual individuals and couples to celebrate their lives ( completely ) within the Moravian Church.

Resolution Diversity in Congregational Life
This resolution encourage Moravian Churches to encourage Diversity in every aspect  which would include (of thought and idea and life style) and consider those of diversity to be considered for leadership and ministry positions.

Resolution 6 an Interpretation on Homosexuality
Document from the Northern office of the PEC offering  explanation of historical and present actions of northern synod on resolutions regarding homosexuality. (Documents Above)


Resignation of Mission staff over Synod action
Tension peaks over recent stances on homosexuality, salvation

Resignations accepted
The Board of directors accepted their resignations rather than address the problems with how resolutions were handled at Northern and Southern Synods. Bob Sawyer was troubled with the emphasis this article put on the fact that issues remain unresolved.

Read response to Northern Synod actions by Rev.Adann  Ward 
How wonderful it would be if we could now step out in front of society and officially accept and preside over gay and lesbian unions and accept gay and lesbian clergy with their partner

Response to Rev. Wards letter by Moravian
You seem to infer homosexuality as an "acceptable life style." If .this is true then God's word is a "non-essential"

Read response to Synod actions by Rev Doug Norwood
I have grieved over the Moravian Church, of course.  And I am concerned that so many Moravians, who can no longer bear the Biblical vacuum and the spiritual insanity of our leadership, seem to trickle away, saved by grace but lost to the church.  Your site offers a connective forum and a real ray of hope for many who might otherwise just trickle away.  

Letter from Rev. Norwood explaining his position
I, and a small core of like-minded pastors and church members, have struggled against what we've perceived to be the church's drift away from essential Biblical values

See PEC response letter to Rev Doug Norwood
This letter from David Wickman, President of the Northern PEC  Dated May 27, 2003 informed Rev. Norwood that his status will be changed and listed as minister without call.

Response to Rev. Norwood situation by Moravian minister in Southern  Province Perhaps the most alarming part of this whole affair (aside from the possible loss to the Moravian Church of one of its most effective and faithful ministers) is the assumption that lies behind the PEC's decision. Resolutions of Synod--changeable statements that frequently are little more than commentary on the political issues of the day--are now taken to be the practical equivalent of Scripture.


Unity Synod Actions

Issues remain unresolved
For many Moravians the Unity Synod was the place that Unity and Order would be restored. The Rev. Bob Sawyer is left to defend statements from attending ministers who reported that " We approved lots of gray areas, but will not stand up and say anything".

See report on 2006 Synod with resolutions and audio clips